Superstitions Collector’s Box Set


“Superstitions” is a fantastical project created at Ink & Sword. This assortment of art prints are collected in a beautifully packaged box set. They are illustrated by Jed Dore in a style reminiscent of iconic children's book illustrators popular in the 1950's. The box set would make a wonderfully unique gift to anyone who enjoys original art. There are six 5″x7″ prints total, all of which are printed on 100% cotton, acid-free heavyweight fine art paper with archival pigment inks.

The included prints are:

– Spilled Salt Brings The Devil
– Cross Under a Ladder, and the Wrath of the Gods Will Be Upon You
– Let Not a Black Cat Cross Your Path
– Break a Mirror, and Bad Luck will Dog Your Path for Seven Years.
– Never Open an Umbrella in Thy House
– A Naked Woman on a Boat Calms the Seas

The box is made of heavyweight card stock and measures 8″ x 5.5″. Once you have displayed your prints, reuse the box to hold your art pencils, stationery or other treasures!