Rabbit’s Foot Superstition


Teenagers had it easy in ancient times. In order to be accepted into manhood, juveniles had to become successful amongst their hunter clan. It was only after their first successful hunt that one would be presented with the foot of a rabbit as a symbol of good luck in future hunts. Nowadays, they have to IM while driving daddy's beemer through red lights on the way to the mall to get a pair of $200 kicks. Times are tough.

This is a giclee print of an original illustration. It was created in a style reminiscent of iconic children's book illustrators popular in the 1950's. It measures 11″x14″ and the image has been sized to fit beautifully into a standard mat or frame. This design has been printed on 100% cotton, acid-free heavyweight fine art paper with archival pigment inks.

This print is part of a series. They look fantastic when displayed together.

We’ve done our best to represent the colors as accurately as possible, but they may be *slightly* different than what you see on your screen. The print you receive is exactly the color we intended.