Superstition is a belief or practice that is not based on reason or knowledge. It is often a notion maintained despite evidence to the contrary. They are often associated with luck or prophecy.

Superstitions appear in almost every culture. Even people who claim not to believe in superstition are familiar with them, and may inadvertently practice them, such as avoiding walking near black cats, making a wish on a dandelion or wearing their baseball cap inside out to inspire their team. Whether you believe in them or not, superstitions still have some effect on society without having any actual power.

Think about the black cat for instance. A long time ago, some poor old lady had a black cat. She was probably accused of being a witch. Why? Because she was a poor old lady and nobody liked her. Now, we fear black cats. In a strange way, I think we need that kind of fantasy and lore, to guide us and haunt us and amuse us all at the same time. As much as you may not believe in them, I know you won’t be stepping on any cracks soon, because you love your mom.

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