Based in Brooklyn, New York, Ink & Sword is an award winning art & design studio that produces imaginative and original artwork created by a professional illustration and design team. Whether the end product is a fine art print, gallery poster, woodcut, assemblage, short film or series, we take great pride in our process and enjoy sharing these ideas. Ink and Sword believes the idea of art is the idea itself. At the epicenter of all things will be our love of drawing, always.

We have an unquenchable thirst for learning. Inheriting from our studies and creating art that inspires, educates and makes people happy is what we strive for. Inspiration to illumination comes from all angles, especially when headquartered in NYC. Welcome to our studio.

If we were:
audio – analog clicks, teapot whistles, the pacific ocean, subway trains, rickenbacker guitars, cat purrs, Massive Attack Unfinished Sympathy, Coltrane Favorite Things, Lou Reed Walk on the Wild Side, the buzz and rattle of this great city as it wakes up on the wild side of the bed everyday.

taste- halo-halo, brown sugar, pint of Guinness, saltwater sea, taco truck taco, Brooklyn Italian ice, habanero and coconut milk.

an object- fortune teller miracle fish.

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Jedidiah Dore
Owner, Illustrator, Stuntman, Muppet.
Jed love’s to play. He’s raced cars at 180 mph, jumped out of a perfectly built airplane, climbed El Capitan, surfed the North Shore and scrapped alongside The Dark Knight and The Amazing Spider-Man. Always in the thick of it, either drawing or doing it. Usually both. An artist with a preference for illustration, a skilled photographer who loves to draw and an experienced musician who once pursued writing. These unique interests crafted Jed into an effective communicator with a sophisticated visual style driven by his diverse background. Much of his inspiration is pulled through personal experience, extensive research and a well-worn library card. A seasoned traveler, he has lived in the Pacific Islands, amongst the Redwoods of Northern California and currently resides in Brooklyn, where he works full time as a graphic artist and designer.

Jed’s illustration was awarded by American Illustration and photography reportage seen on PBS. His artwork has been shown at the Tube Gallery, Norman Schafler Gallery, Triton Museum of Art, Hammerstein Ballroom-Pratt Best of Senior Show, The Society of Illustrators Museum, San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery Breakthrough Photographers Exhibition and featured in editorials such as British GQ, ReadyMade Magazine, Bust, Wired, RadioLab, i09 as well as various design boutiques internationally.

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Karen Brazell
Designer, Doll maker, Cat wrangler, Robot Coordinator.
Karen has been working professionally as a graphic designer for many years and is currently a Senior Visual Designer for New York public media. A Silicon Valley transplant, she finds her inspirations in the strange place between dreams of the fantastical future and the comforts of the familiar past. Her workspace is alive with illustrations, old cameras, sci-fi books, swatches of fabric, computer equipment, disassembled electronics, a sewing machine, robots, video games and everything else that delights and inspires her daily.

In 2007, she opened her own business called Life with Tigers where she creates handmade dolls, soft sculptures, greeting cards and catnip toys. Life with Tigers has been featured in LA Weekly, Design*Sponge, OhDeeDoh, and IndieFixx.

Articles and features about our studio:

British GQ included Ink & Sword in their art feature in the Best of 2013 Men of the Year issue.

British GQ included Ink & Sword in their 2013 Up The Wall! art feature.

Maker Faire Maker at the New York Hall of Science.

Tamar at IHAVECAT.COM profiled Jed in her regular feature Cat Man Mondays. The post was called “Cats are his kryptonite” and tells the story of how the studio cats influence art and life. She also featured our PSA Print Series.

I09.com featured our Curiosity print as part of their Collection of Incredible and Inspiring Mars Curiosity Rover Art. It was included in their This is Awesome section. We couldn’t agree more!

What? Radiolab? We love Radiolab! We were so excited to be featured on their Tumblr site!

Wired Magazine’s Tumblr site reblogged a post about our Stellar Science prints.

The name says it all. Pawesome is awesome, and when they featured our PSA Art Prints, we were pleased as puppies!

Haus Panther, formerly Mod Cat, is a great place to oggle cat products and goodies. They liked our PSA Art Prints.

The folks who run the pet blog community Critter.com featured our PSA Pet prints.

Man’s best friend has a place to go at DogMilk.com. The featured our PSA Pet prints, including an older, discontinued print involving doggie doo. Cool!

TheDailyCamera.com, out of Boulder, Colorado, included our Stay Curious art print in their Visible Universe Gift Guide2012.

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