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Excited to show the block prints I’ve been working on at Greenpointers and Braincave Festival. Here’s a bit of the carving from the project.

one-trick pony

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Good stuff from actress and Neuroscientist Mayim Bialik talking about being multifaceted. “You can be as passionate and in love with science as you can be about literature or art.” “I don’t think there’s anything particularly spectacular about me that I have both acting interest and science interest. To me that’s just who I am.”


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Good stuff from Photographer Brian Bowen Smith regarding silencing critics. He states, “I found that if you don’t really do it yourself and be really hands on with everything that you do, you let other people dictate what you want them to see” and “people are going to hate your shit but keep doing it. […]

ways of seeing

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Had a lengthy talk yesterday with an aspiring photographer about all things photography related. It was a great day.

a study

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Distillation-chemical + time elapsed-surrealism

Get Real

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