Reportager Award 2015 + Exhibition

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Delighted to announce Jedidiah Dore’s reportage drawings have been shortlisted for the first annual Reportager Award 2015. His reportage art series will be on view in Bristol England at the University of the West of England for the Reportager Award 2015 Exhibition, opening May 8, F Block Gallery. Reportager UK describes the award, “is intended […]

art exhibit

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Jedidiah Dore’s artwork is going to be shown at an exhibit at Pratt Institute. The show is called Hang Together Collaborative Work & Practices and can be seen at the Pratt Institute Library, 200 Willoughby Ave. Brooklyn, NY from Feb. 2nd – March 30. This location drawing of the library is one he made at […]

be more like those tolerant

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Nice hot day today in NYC, which made me want a big ol’ banana split. Like the kind you’d find on main street in Disney World when it’s like a hundred degrees out and you have melted ice cream all over and you’re trying to eat it and draw the marching band going by at […]

seeing is hearing

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Looking into cymatics in relation to a project and having fun with Chladni patterns. Video shows a basic Chladni Plate and frequency generator, although I prefer the original violin bow method. Note the increased frequency changes the pattern to greater complexity.


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I never stopped playing with crayons.

aging storage of stories for ages

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Enjoyed thumbing through an old picture book project. Good time to revisit them. Into the art file of memories I go.

Wonder screen printed science posters

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Limited edition of 25 large signed and numbered 4 color hand pulled screen printed Wonder science posters. They’re printed on 100lb. textured ivory and beach sand coverstock. Available soon! Email us to reserve one!

tarzan couldn’t take this kind of hot

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Opening title sequence for Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. David Fincher, Director. Tim Miller, Creative Director, Blur Studio.

garven dreis

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Almost there. One more color to go.

Stop, prop and roll!

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They sure don’t make monsters the way they used to anymore.

putty tat

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I definitely need to pick up a drying rack for the posters I’m screen printing. Notice the mischievous paw prints.

silky way galaxy

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Worked on some color tests for a run of large 4-color screen printed posters.


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Well made short film you don’t have to be a skateboarder to appreciate. The shots are beautiful and story interesting as the four skaters featured, (Ryan Sheckler, Torey Pudwill, Ryan Decenzo and Zered Bassett)  talk about their unique approaches coming from different backgrounds.

color guard

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Having some fun storyboarding for a client this week. Here’s one I did on location.  

happy little trees

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Aaaaand here’s the finish for that sketch. Some shrubbery but no trees for Bob Ross say the knights who say Ni!  


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Built this rig over the weekend for what will be a four-five color screen printing run.


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New silk screens and supplies for the studio.


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“It can be a warm kiss… It can be a sketch book, the camera…That’s strictly my way of feeling, I enjoy shooting a picture, being present, its like saying “Yes!”, “Yes!”, “Yes!”… Photography is like that, its “Yes!”, “Yes!”, “Yes!”. There’s no maybes. All the maybes should go to the trash. It’s an instant, it’s […]

it’s good you’re here

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Here are some process images of some new work. These are limited edition Legend of Tsuru-3 color woodcut prints on Magnani Revere Sandstone and Ivory White Cotton Rag. Pretty happy about the response at Greenpointers/BrainCave Festival yesterday. Some of these will be submitted to a new printmakers exhibit. Stay tuned.