never forget a face

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This is a brilliant video animation created by Emma Allen. She animates the cyclical nature of life as I wrote about on my Two Coats blog post and she illustrates it perfectly and entirely with face paint. Well done Emma!

I’m kooking peesh

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Taal Volcano sunrise

third arabesque en pointe

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What twinkletoes said.

let’s get ready to ramble

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It’s practically a crime to saunter in NYC, but there are places to the contrary.


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“It can be a warm kiss… It can be a sketch book, the camera…That’s strictly my way of feeling, I enjoy shooting a picture, being present, its like saying “Yes!”, “Yes!”, “Yes!”… Photography is like that, its “Yes!”, “Yes!”, “Yes!”. There’s no maybes. All the maybes should go to the trash. It’s an instant, it’s […]


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Good stuff from Photographer Brian Bowen Smith regarding silencing critics. He states, “I found that if you don’t really do it yourself and be really hands on with everything that you do, you let other people dictate what you want them to see” and “people are going to hate your shit but keep doing it. […]

ways of seeing

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Had a lengthy talk yesterday with an aspiring photographer about all things photography related. It was a great day.