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Introducing a brand new addition to the Stellar Science Series, the ISS SLS LAUNCH SYSTEM poster. Commemorates the Internationsal Space Station, Space Launch System, and Orion space programs to Mars. The poster is available in various sizes and can be ordered at the Ink & Sword shop on this link, or on our Ink & […]

over a fear of hurdles

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Filthy sick Lakai-Fully Flared intro! Direction by Ty Evans, Spike Jonze, and Cory Weincheque.

what in the word

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This video was made entirely by John Koenig. sonder – n. the realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own. From “The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows”.

pin map to hold top corners and travel there

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Amy Robinson presenting an innovative game to map the brain. The game is called EyeWire and it was created by Sebastian Seung. Video by TedxTalks.

never forget a face

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This is a brilliant video animation created by Emma Allen. She animates the cyclical nature of life as I wrote about on my Two Coats blog post and she illustrates it perfectly and entirely with face paint. Well done Emma!

Many Rivers to Cross: The African Americans Preview

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Here’s a preview of Many Rivers to Cross: The African Americans on PBS. The first episode of the series airs October 22nd.

every last bit

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“Except for the musician’s voice, everything you hear is coming from a vintage console or computer peripheral,” James Houston. Video by James Houston

stop dragon ma heart around ooh ooh ooh.

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This Dreamworks trailer for How To Train Your Dragon 2 is pretty sweet. You go Hiccup and Toothless!

tired of monkeys

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A little hint of what’s comin’.

panels of aluminium and magnesium

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This beautifully made short film directed by Marcus Söderlund highlights two things I cherish deeply. Motor racing and the story of Bruce McLaren. I grew up admiring his story as a kid because his life resembled much of the questions I sought out in why tragic things have to happen to people of courage. “To […]


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This is an amazing animation by Robin Frohardt. I mentioned this a while back as it was part of a Puppet Festival I made drawings of in Brooklyn. Robin’s animation is a three minute trailer for an imagined film inspired by the great stories and difficulties of the production of Werner Herzog’s original Fitzcarraldo. The […]

tarzan couldn’t take this kind of hot

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Opening title sequence for Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. David Fincher, Director. Tim Miller, Creative Director, Blur Studio.

Labapalooza Puppet Theater

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A few photos from my visit to St. Ann’s Warehouse for the Festival of New Puppet Theater. Some of my drawings and a minor recap of the event can be seen here:

Stop, prop and roll!

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They sure don’t make monsters the way they used to anymore.

Fire Flight

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Incredible promo shot for The Phoenix Dance Theater produced by Ink Films and Director Greg Clark. Check it!


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Well made short film you don’t have to be a skateboarder to appreciate. The shots are beautiful and story interesting as the four skaters featured, (Ryan Sheckler, Torey Pudwill, Ryan Decenzo and Zered Bassett)  talk about their unique approaches coming from different backgrounds.

Beco’s McLaren MP4/5

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“On a given day, a given circumstance, you think you have a limit. And you then go for this limit and you touch this limit, and you think, ‘Okay, this is the limit’. And so you touch this limit, something happens and you suddenly can go a little bit further. With your mind power, your […]


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“Getting out of your chair at home to experience something in the real world has started to become a rare occurrence, and to a lot of people, an unnecessary one… There’s no romance in a mouse click.”- Jack White. Here’s more from his commentary: Years ago someone told me that 1,200 high school kids were […]

one-trick pony

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Good stuff from actress and Neuroscientist Mayim Bialik talking about being multifaceted. “You can be as passionate and in love with science as you can be about literature or art.” “I don’t think there’s anything particularly spectacular about me that I have both acting interest and science interest. To me that’s just who I am.”


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Good stuff from Photographer Brian Bowen Smith regarding silencing critics. He states, “I found that if you don’t really do it yourself and be really hands on with everything that you do, you let other people dictate what you want them to see” and “people are going to hate your shit but keep doing it. […]

single take?

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