In Danger (or, you should really, really give a shit) Exhibit

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Art.Science.Gallery. has an Open Call for artwork about critically endangered species. If you’re interested in submitting artwork please follow the link for exhibition info and submission guidelines. Thanks in advance for your help! From Art.Science.Gallery.: We are seeking submissions of artworks for In Danger (or, you should really, really give a shit), a group […]

Reportager Award 2015 + Exhibition

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Delighted to announce Jedidiah Dore’s reportage drawings have been shortlisted for the first annual Reportager Award 2015. His reportage art series will be on view in Bristol England at the University of the West of England for the Reportager Award 2015 Exhibition, opening May 8, F Block Gallery. Reportager UK describes the award, “is intended […]

art exhibit

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Jedidiah Dore’s artwork is going to be shown at an exhibit at Pratt Institute. The show is called Hang Together Collaborative Work & Practices and can be seen at the Pratt Institute Library, 200 Willoughby Ave. Brooklyn, NY from Feb. 2nd – March 30. This location drawing of the library is one he made at […]

schooner or later

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More of my Moby Dick drawings here.

cedar forest for the trees

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This tree was in front of the Ink & Sword booth at the Maker Faire 2013.

a manor of speaking

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art of 8 limbs…that I will soon be nursing.

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Planning a trip to Thailand to get the snot beat out of me, err I mean, further my Muay Thai training. I’m excited to see the elephants there as well, so I did this watercolor.

she’s a firecracker

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be more like those tolerant

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Nice hot day today in NYC, which made me want a big ol’ banana split. Like the kind you’d find on main street in Disney World when it’s like a hundred degrees out and you have melted ice cream all over and you’re trying to eat it and draw the marching band going by at […]


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I never stopped playing with crayons.

aging storage of stories for ages

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Enjoyed thumbing through an old picture book project. Good time to revisit them. Into the art file of memories I go.

your letter in cursive 2

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hitting your mark

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Just finished some very physically demanding work, so I’m doing quite a bit of drawing to shift gears and finding some much needed relaxation from it. At least before I have to go back. Here’s a quick sketch of a street performer at the park.


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Sketches this morning of waiters in Montmartre.


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color guard

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Having some fun storyboarding for a client this week. Here’s one I did on location.  


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picturebook sketch

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montmartre ghost

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