The Fantastical Brooklyn Bridge Trailer

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Coming soon from Ink & Sword Studio. An imaginative documentary/animation about heroic engineers, the incredible story of what it took to build the Brooklyn Bridge and the illustrator’s own connection to Brooklyn and NYC history.

stop dragon ma heart around ooh ooh ooh.

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This Dreamworks trailer for How To Train Your Dragon 2 is pretty sweet. You go Hiccup and Toothless!

tired of monkeys

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A little hint of what’s comin’.

it’s no ordinary rabbit

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This is an amazing animation by Robin Frohardt. I mentioned this a while back as it was part of a Puppet Festival I made drawings of in Brooklyn. Robin’s animation is a three minute trailer for an imagined film inspired by the great stories and difficulties of the production of Werner Herzog’s original Fitzcarraldo. The […]

tarzan couldn’t take this kind of hot

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Opening title sequence for Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. David Fincher, Director. Tim Miller, Creative Director, Blur Studio.

Stop, prop and roll!

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They sure don’t make monsters the way they used to anymore.

Directors-Cinema Series

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First of the brand new Directors-Cinema Series.¬†Illustration ¬© 2013 Ink & Sword Below: Blade Runner screening notes from studio execs. Some of the notations include, “the picture is deadly dull” and “movie gets worse every screening”.

the golden ticket

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Eagle-eyed folks can spot our own Jedidiah on TV or in films. He’s been in all kinds. That’s him in the background of CBS crime drama Golden Boy. That’s how Jedidiah always looks in the studio, too. A blur.

cool not kool

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