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New silk screens and supplies for the studio.


montmartre ghost

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Nottingham rehearsal

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“It can be a warm kiss… It can be a sketch book, the camera…That’s strictly my way of feeling, I enjoy shooting a picture, being present, its like saying “Yes!”, “Yes!”, “Yes!”… Photography is like that, its “Yes!”, “Yes!”, “Yes!”. There’s no maybes. All the maybes should go to the trash. It’s an instant, it’s a presence. Its a moment.”
-Henri Cartier-Bresson

diner-gelatin silver print © 2013 www.shutterswirl.com

diner-gelatin silver print © 2013 www.shutterswirl.com

it’s good you’re here

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Here are some process images of some new work. These are limited edition Legend of Tsuru-3 color woodcut prints on Magnani Revere Sandstone and Ivory White Cotton Rag. Pretty happy about the response at Greenpointers/BrainCave Festival yesterday. Some of these will be submitted to a new printmakers exhibit. Stay tuned.



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Excited to show the block prints I’ve been working on at Greenpointers and Braincave Festival. Here’s a bit of the carving from the project.

your letter in cursive

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one-trick pony

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Good stuff from actress and Neuroscientist Mayim Bialik talking about being multifaceted.

“You can be as passionate and in love with science as you can be about literature or art.”

“I don’t think there’s anything particularly spectacular about me that I have both acting interest and science interest. To me that’s just who I am.”

good work

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Fellow Ink & Sword designer, Karen has been busy creating these beautiful posters for Nature on PBS and even getting a shout out from the Jane Goodall Institute! Owning it Karen!




t-shirt weather

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I don’t consider winter gone until my coat is when drawing outside.



All images © 2013 Ink & Sword

to the next

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Here’s the newest addition to our Stellar Science Series line up. The Nanotechnology poster. Pretty happy with how the design turned out as it was a culmination of much reading and ideas percolating for a long time. Patience is the key.



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Good stuff from Photographer Brian Bowen Smith regarding silencing critics. He states, “I found that if you don’t really do it yourself and be really hands on with everything that you do, you let other people dictate what you want them to see” and “people are going to hate your shit but keep doing it. As long as your happy with what you do, no one can tell you you’re right or wrong.”


Ink & Sword Stellar Science Series

Ink & Sword Stellar Science Series

the bug lady

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I am sure that when Maria Sibylla Merian was born 366 years ago today, she dreamed of being honored with a Google doodle. Instead, this naturalist, botanical artist and scientific illustrator settled with just being one of the most significant contributors to the field of entomology. She studied and described the life cycles of many insect species, gathering evidence that contradicted the idea that insects were “born of mud” by spontaneous generation. Her classification of moths and butterflies is still relevant today. Love it when art and science come together!

Illustration of a Caiman crocodilus and an Anilius scytale (1701–1705) by Maria Sibylla Merian.

Illustration of a Caiman crocodilus and an Anilius scytale (1701–1705) by Maria Sibylla Merian.

ways of seeing

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Had a lengthy talk yesterday with an aspiring photographer about all things photography related. It was a great day.

photo: the traveller machine- © 2013 www.shutterswirl.com

photo: the traveller machine- © 2013 www.shutterswirl.com

Directors-Cinema Series

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First of the brand new Directors-Cinema Series. Illustration © 2013 Ink & Sword

Below: Blade Runner screening notes from studio execs. Some of the notations include, “the picture is deadly dull” and “movie gets worse every screening”.

the golden ticket

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Eagle-eyed folks can spot our own Jedidiah on TV or in films. He’s been in all kinds. That’s him in the background of CBS crime drama Golden Boy. That’s how Jedidiah always looks in the studio, too. A blur.

Publicity shot from the CBS crime drama Golden Boy.

Publicity shot from Golden Boy.

The world needs more Rino

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Rino eats various world dishes for the first time.

GofT at I&S

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ONE more week until our Game of Thrones viewing party at the Ink & Sword studio! I’m going to be throwin down on the bbq Cali style so I can’t wait. Bringin It!


silverback drawing from the zoo

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a study

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Distillation-chemical + time elapsed-surrealism



cool not kool

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