panels of aluminium and magnesium

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This beautifully made short film directed by Marcus Söderlund highlights two things I cherish deeply. Motor racing and the story of Bruce McLaren. I grew up admiring his story as a kid because his life resembled much of the questions I sought out in why tragic things have to happen to people of courage. “To […]

high rez paint

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Painting our new Ink & Sword banner.

it’s no ordinary rabbit

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be more like those tolerant

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Nice hot day today in NYC, which made me want a big ol’ banana split. Like the kind you’d find on main street in Disney World when it’s like a hundred degrees out and you have melted ice cream all over and you’re trying to eat it and draw the marching band going by at […]

that’s no moon

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24 x 36 Stellar Science Poster. Oh Yes.

third arabesque en pointe

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What twinkletoes said.

seeing is hearing

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Looking into cymatics in relation to a project and having fun with Chladni patterns. Video shows a basic Chladni Plate and frequency generator, although I prefer the original violin bow method. Note the increased frequency changes the pattern to greater complexity.


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I never stopped playing with crayons.


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This is an amazing animation by Robin Frohardt. I mentioned this a while back as it was part of a Puppet Festival I made drawings of in Brooklyn. Robin’s animation is a three minute trailer for an imagined film inspired by the great stories and difficulties of the production of Werner Herzog’s original Fitzcarraldo. The […]

aging storage of stories for ages

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Enjoyed thumbing through an old picture book project. Good time to revisit them. Into the art file of memories I go.

let’s get ready to ramble

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It’s practically a crime to saunter in NYC, but there are places to the contrary.